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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Who Needs A Proof Of Funds?

A proof of funds letter can help a business get additional financing for technology, real estate, high cost machinery, or construction by showing that there is money to cover the transaction.

The POF indicates legitimacy to all parties involved no matter what type of project.

A Proof of Funds is great when you want to prove that you’ve got the ability to pay outright, but you don’t want to use your own funds.

Most small or mid size companies that are positioned for growth do not have the financial ability to make their future plans happen. That is where an investor group with POF security can be the key to taking a business to the next level.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that a business owner or entrepreneur doesn’t have to come up with their own funding, they do. Any serious business owner will have funds of their own to invest as well as a solid plan to get a return on theirr investment.


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