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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Our Financial Services Including BG, SBLC, POF, Escrow Services, SWIFTs and more....

1. Proof of Funds/Verified Funds : Fast way to venture with a strong partner to your current financial profile, show reserves or buy time in your transactions with our verified funds. Different formats may include bank letters, phone/fax verification, online account access, verification of deposit form (VOD), TELEX, Swifts, DTC or Euroclear screens and/or account statements.

2. SBLC/BGStand by Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantees are financial instruments that may reserve, confirm or promise funds from one institution to another or to a business.

3. SWIFTS: Electronic notices sent from one bank to another. The MT799/MT999/MT199 Swift's are FREE FORMAT MESSAGES useful for Proof of Funds, the MT760 Swift is a guarantee of value, an MT103 is a bank wire. We typically have capability to send SWIFT MT799, MT99, MT199 and MT760 on cash and SBLC/BG's.

4.CURRENT FORMATS: URDG 758 for Bank Guarantees and ISP 98 for SBLC, ICC/UCP 600 is current version of letters of Credit.

5. Corporate Guarantees: are a way to use strong 3rd parties to stand behind your project in the case of short falls or unforseen circumstances.

6. Institutions: In addition to public banks, private banks, credit unions, building societies, Forex, Credit Union, Securities Houses and money market accounts, investors may choose an escrow account for verification of funds purposes.

6. Equity Partnerships are a way to partner up with strong investors to set the financial foundation needed for deals to get done.

7. Escrow Services are independent 3rd party companies that agree to hold and protect funds and follow contract instructions. 

The application needed to get the process started is available upon request. Get it back to us so that we can issue a complete term sheet. Please let us know when you are brokering a deal if you plan to add a fee, so that we can include it in the term sheet.