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Sunday, February 1, 2015

We are currently creating a humanitarian entity to be named WorldOne.

It will have a trading division for the growth of all donations/investments. It will be our goal to create a 1% profit level on all available banking days. Whether it takes all day, or the first few minutes. We will not ignore any additional opportunities but that is our daily goal.

We are going to contract with Ernst and Young for all the accountability and the creation of all required banking and corporate structures that are planned. Ernst and Young will make appropriate trading accounts in Zurich available for future funds extended to WorldOne. We will accept client's trading accounts that may already be in existence and funded.

Our initial goals are to have the legal structure to our organization created by February 2nd, 2015; in addition our website should be ready by February 9th, 2015.

The organization will be named “WorldOne” with 12 of its divisions as follows:

WorldOne Humanitarian
WorldOne Builders
WorldOne Agricultural Development
WorldOne Intellectual Properties
WorldOne Communications
WorldOne Energy and Water Resources
WorldOne Environment
WorldOne Health
WorldOne Trading Group
WorldOne Disaster Relief
WorldOne Animal Relief
WorldOne Investment

Our mission is to create funds to make the world a better place via humanitarian efforts.

Please feel free to request an open discussion on your involvement of this undertaking.
Thank you.

Larry @


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