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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


How is your USA client base?

We have a Strategic Partnership Program you may wish to examine. We average 32 new strategic alliances every single business day.

Note: We do not share in your profits, you share in ours.

Stryde offers differentiation among your industry to increase Client acquisition, Client retention, promote growth and a more comprehensive revenue.

Stryde has realized over $500M in savings for Clients like yours. USA only

Our aim is to revitalize, explode and distinguish your business and pay you in the process. What we do is highly unique.

Our structure opens doors, initiates opportunities and develops long term relationships. We work with firms nationally to drastically enhance differentiation and create a realized financial benefit to the Client.

Program Benefits

• Market Awareness
• Client Acquisition
• Competitive Edge in Bidding
• Specialized Tax Quarterly SWAT Training
• NFL Retired Players Association Alignment
• Field Rep Access

Stryde's Focus Industries Match Your Ideal Clients

While Stryde can provide substantial benefit to all business types, we focus aggressively on those Industries that realize the greatest benefits.

Our team of legal, tax and engineering professionals work with you to enhance your brand through the provision of the most proven and comprehensive series of reviews in the industry. Our efforts have resulted in 100's of millions of dollars in benefit to tax professional Clients.

We specialize in cost recapture, refinement and tax mitigation services. These platforms have allowed both promising and established firms to experience explosive growth, enhanced Client retention and more comprehensive revenue.

Tax practices that we work with have used these platforms to benefit and acquire new Clients of all sizes, ranging from small businesses up to and including, many fortune 500 companies across every market sector.

Our Process

Discovery Call- Learn about the Client and outline the opportunity.

Data Gathering- Client provides appropriate documentation which is used to generate a proposal identifying savings. Average benefit per Client is $240,000.

Present Findings- Results Call to outline the benefit to the Client and cover fees associated with benefit. Client can move forward understanding the cost of the structure.

No Savings = No Fee to the Client.

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